The Importance Of A Book For Your Sales Funnel

Firstly, it is a conversion tool. So even though I’m using the book to get extra customers and more eyeballs, for me, anyone who reads my book is getting indoctrinated into my concepts, the way that I think. They’re getting to decide if they like the way that I do it, they’re finding out if there’s any discovery or gap between what they were doing or what they know versus what they now know as a result of reading the book. There are prescriptive action steps in the book that will help people get a result even before they go into the next stage of coaching with me.

So I do find a very strong trend of people who’ve read the book arriving at SuperFastBusiness or SilverCircle, ready for coaching. And they’ve already done the preschool. They’ve done the indoctrination, they know the way that I work, they know terms like effective hourly rate, they’ve heard about Own The Racecourse, they talk about the chocolate wheel. So things that are in the book are now into their vocab. And they know they need a team, they know they want recurring subscriptions, they know that launches can exhaust them, so a lot of the pre-work is done for me. It takes the heavy lifting out of my coaching students because they can get going on to chapter two, you know, the next phase of their business growth.

But I can also use the book to grow my business. So I run Amazon ads to send people to my book, and that helps it with its ranking as well. It gets shown to people when they purchase relevant other books. Sometimes we do promotions or it gets sent out in the mail. It appeals really well for people who like to listen because I’m on Audible. If you have a book, I suggest you read it and put it on Audible. It makes a big difference.

And then there’s the whole book funnel thing which I’m toying with doing, as well. And that is where I put my book up available. The book is a low ticket with free shipping or free book with a low-ticket shipping. I’m just going to work out the logistics on that. But I think I can do that now with my new 10XPRO site. There is a book funnel campaign so I’m interested in that.

And the idea behind that, and my friend, Dean Jackson, talks about this a lot more than I do, is the book is the way to get someone’s email address. That’s it. The book is a way to have someone raise their hand and say, Yes, I’m interested. And once you’ve got that email address, then you go into the communication, you can send regular news updates, or in my case, podcast updates. We send out two podcasts a week to our email list and every email has the opportunity for a call to action. That’s where we can carry the PS, that’s where we can lead people into very relevant podcast episodes that will invariably have a call to action to join SuperFastBusiness or join SuperFastResults or apply for SilverCircle.

So that’s how I’m using my book. Of course, it gets you onto podcasts, it gets you to be invited as a speaker. It gets you some peer credit, it gets you referrals. It also forces you to put together a collection of your ideas into one. So as I’m writing the next two books at the moment, with the help of a couple of suppliers, what I’m discovering is it’s making me go through my notes. It’s making me do my research. To put together the membership book, I’ve had to transfer 10 years of notes, I’ve had to spend 16 hours building out slides that I turned into three and a half hours’ worth of content that I’ve sent-off to get transcribed, formatted, then I have to put them in touch with case studies, testimonials, success stories, etc. So there’s actually a lot of work in doing a book, and I found that the work you do will sharpen your brain and get you right on topic.

So hopefully that explains how I’m using my book for marketing, and gives you a few ideas on what you might be able to do to improve your conversions. And it doesn’t mean you can’t run ads to a landing page and take applications. By all means do that, as well. There’s no mutual exclusivity.

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