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Gabriela Gjurekovec

CEO-Founder & Photographer

Gabriela Gjurekovec has called Denver, Colorado home since 2005. She grew up in the Republic of Serbia (former Yugoslavia) where she attended The University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Subotica, Serbia and worked for local newspapers as a freelance photographer. She moved to Montreal, Canada in 1999 and worked for many years with successful entrepreneurs, renowned designers and photographers, which inspired her to pursue her own entrepreneurial career. In Montreal, GG’s professional background includes sales, design and management in the architecture, hospitality and floral/wedding industries.

Gabriela Gjurekovec aka GG is a professional photographer with over 15 years of experience. Her passion starts in Portrait & Architectural photography and goes beyond that. 

Gabriela Gjurekovec

She is highly regarded for her ability to invoke and capture images that demonstrate a person’s true essence and for her keen eye for details. GG loves to challenge her clients who say they are not photogenic, through her photography she transforming the way they see themselves forever.

Today, Gabriela G Photography is the perfect marriage of her passion for photography, art and business/marketing. – GG understands the value of effective marketing techniques and delivering the best service possible to her clients. She is committed to building long lasting relationships and delivering a high quality of work.
In her spare time, GG enjoys, great food, wine and cheese, traveling to different locations, visiting local and worldwide museums, and cities getting exposed to various cultural experiences, building friendships and business relationships around the world, photographing people, architectural buildings places and events and working with various entrepreneurs. She likes cooking, drawing, watching movies, and documentaries, but mostly enjoys spending time with her daughter – watching Disney cartoons, Marvel movies, cooking shows and traveling.

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